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Welcome to my snooker coaching website! My name is Luk Simoens, and I'm not only a dedicated husband and father but also a passionate coach and snooker enthusiast.

In my youth, I enjoyed a successful career as a snooker player, with numerous victories in Belgium, the Netherlands, and England. I take great pride in having participated in the World Under-21 Championship in Reykjavik in 1993 and achieving the title of Brabant Champion in 1995. During my time in England, I gained valuable experience by working with three prominent English coaches and attending various snooker stages. These experiences deepened my understanding, particularly in the mental and personal aspects of the game. I now bring this valuable knowledge and expertise to my own coaching, ensuring that my players receive comprehensive guidance.

In addition to my snooker background, I spent 20 years in a managerial position at an SME, where I acquired valuable training and people management skills. Later in life, I successfully completed film school, where I provided tutoring in editing to my fellow students. This further enhanced my experience in designing training structures and motivating individuals.

Since 2016, I have been actively involved in snooker coaching, catering to a diverse audience ranging from beginners to top-level players, both young and old. I closely follow all youth tournaments in Belgium, which allows me to develop a clear vision for youth development. I understand the needs of young players and their parents, having guided young talents at World Championships and international tournaments. In 2019, I obtained my Level 1 coaching certificate from Chris Henry.

My approach always starts with the person behind the player. I strive to establish a strong connection with my players because I believe that the better I understand them, the more effectively I can assist them. Active listening, interpreting body language, empathy, and patience are crucial aspects of my coaching philosophy. I provide each player with a personalized approach, avoiding a one-size-fits-all mentality. Together, we co-create a coaching plan that best suits the individual player.

In addition to the technical and tactical aspects of snooker, I place great emphasis on the mental aspect. I work on managing thoughts and stress, incorporating techniques rooted in neuroscience.

I offer targeted exercises tailored to each player's level. While I cannot guarantee that every player will become a champion, I am confident that I can bring out the best in them. My mission is to provide an enjoyable snooker experience, foster a positive self-image, and ensure that players have a solid foundation. I guarantee a high-quality and enriching learning experience.

Thank you for visiting my website!


"Conceive, believe, achieve"

Chris Henry Level 1 certified coach

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