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Neuroscience based snooker coaching

Action is the key to success

Master yourself, master the game

Discover what you can expect at Reallifesnookercoaching.


Coaching sessions

Are you bitten to up your game? Do you have frustrations that you just can't get rid of? Are you hitting a brick wall? Regardless of your level, I will guide you on the right path.

Results Belgian customers during the 2022/2023 season
1 Belgian Champion
1 semi-finalist Belgian Championship
Three numbers 1 in their respective ranking
11 tournament winners
4 runners up
9 highest break winners
1 time last 16 World Championships IBSF
1 time last 32 EC EBSA

“As soon as I started playing snooker, I thought it was important to be properly guided from the start. Before I met Luk, I already had sessions with other coaches. What sets Luk apart from the other facilitators is that he looks beyond your playing. Snooker is a very psychological game. I am not only helped with my technique, break building, etc., but also with my mental well-being, a crucial aspect to win matches. Luk is very empathetic and committed. You get tailor-made guidance to reach your desired level! It is very nice to work with Luk!”



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